Friday, February 04, 2005

Those were the days...

It occurs to me that, while I love the independence/quietness of life off campus, every now and again I'm ever so envious of those campus dwellers. My first taste of envy hit me in the lazy days of September. Now, I don't think that it was due merely to it being my first year away from the dorms: I moved into The Shack back in May, and am comfortable enough here not to miss the creaky floors. The envy smacked me in the face one afternoon when I was walking from the Rec centre to the academic building and there were blankets spread out on the lawn and lawn chairs set out on the porches, there were people out playing football, playing catch, riding bikes. The grass was green, the sun a brilliant yellow and the sky had not a cloud in sight. It was the kind of day that just seeped into the evening and then the night without anyone noticing. I, in the meantime, had to find a ride home or catch the bus to meadowlands in order to find myself some supper. My neighborhood is not so much the kind where we can spread out blankets on our front lawn, or even put lawn chairs on the back porch and bask in the sun, "reading" for whichever class that's coming next.
I began to feel the same pangs just yesterday while walking with Kenny out to the Rec centre. The weather was mild, the snow damp and perfect for a snowball fight that doesn't require the heavy winter coats or touques. In only a month, students will start to emerge from hibernation and cover campus grounds once again with lawn chairs and blankets, making the pretense of studying but more often than not just enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Spring. And I shall be looking for my ride home.

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