Friday, February 18, 2005

Tour this year seems to have been cut short. Every year by the middle of tour, there are always bad concerts, sickness, grumpiness and general tiredness. Somehow, though, on last two days of tour, the choir reaches a point of amazing concerts and high spirits; the tiredness just seems to be lifetd. For me, that wasn't the case this year. I felt somewhat as if we cut the last two days off of tour. Don't get me wrong: tour was a lot of fun. It just wasn't amazing. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we'd devoted the past three full weeks (including weekends) to practices and OUCF, and we were already worn out before we left for tour. At any rate. There were some fun things about tour.

1. Several Aunts, Uncles, cousins and the children of the cousins came to the concert in Chatham. I love my family; I think they're pretty awesome, I always loved going to Chatham to stay at their places so it was a lot of fun to go back.

2. Annie and I got to stay at my cousins' place in Chatham. Art, Marsha and their children are so much fun, and it was a blast to just stay up late chatting around the kitchen table with Art, Marsha and Joel (their oldest son). I've always loved hanging out with these specific cousins, because my siblings and I are the youngest grandchildren, so when the rest of the cousins were busy talking to, hanging out and playing games with all the other married cousins, Art and Marsha always tried to get to know us some. You guys rock!

3. My sister Marya (and Jr) and her husband Eric came to our concert in Whitby. It was so much fun to see the two of them, I don't get to hang out with them nearly enough for my liking!!

4. I had an awesome tour buddy, Ms Annie (van)Ling(sma). Annie, you rock and I love you even though you kept me up for two nights with your snoring! :)

5. I got the chance to have some kick-butt "buddy-buddy-buddies"-- Ms Gayle Doornbos and Ms Laura Moelker are two more fantasticly incredible second years that I will be very sad to leave behind when I graduate. I think that we should just combine the second and fourth years.

6. Despite the problems with pitch that we had on almost every song in every concert this year, we did sing Song for Athene in Whitby (to quote Mr Ben Goheen) "the way it was meant to be sang." It was pretty sweet.

7. This one really has nothing to do with tour, per se, but before we left for tour Brian told me what my valentine's day present was... "the gift of the pink lung" as he called it. In other words, he's been smoke-free since Feb. 1. :) Isn't that an awesome present??! I'm pretty excited about it!

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