Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Things long awaited

I opened my mailbox at school yesterday to find not one but four papers returned to me. I did not consider it so much unusual that I was receiving four papers back at one time, but rather that three of the four papers I had written the date "April 5, 2004" on them and had handed them in last spring. Talk about a long wait to get them back! These specific papers were being held hostage in Dr Mantz's office in ABU and after one last (a little bit rude, I'll admit)) email to him, he finally returned to me my long lost papers. They have fond memories written into them I must say, for two out of the three papers compiled to be my Independent Study on the one and only P.G. Wodehouse. (One of the papers also happens to be the infamous re-written paper of quagmire fame.)
Re-reading these papers gave me a strong desire to run to a public library and check out some of his Mr Mulliner books, for there is no other author that could quite get away with opening a short story like this:

"Right ho," said Algy Crufts. "The I shall go alone."
"Right ho," said Ambrose Wiffin. "Go alone."
"Right ho," said Algy Crufts. "I will."
"Right ho," said Ambrose Wiffen. "Do."
"Right ho then," said Algy Crufts.
"Right ho," said Ambrose Wiffen.
"Right ho," said Algy Crufts.

That's some kinda brilliant. These books are a riot to read, I highly recommend them to one and all for a summer read.

On a completely different note, I am now finally in the possession of my notebook. It's pretty.

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