Thursday, April 21, 2005

The sun is already high in the bright blue sky as I am peering out my window from my bed. I have written two exams and have but one exam left: social psychology with Hackney, which happens next week Wednesday at 2. The view from my window has evolved since August but seems not to have changed from last May when I moved into the Shack. The Oak tree in the middle of our front lawn seems to be bare but upon closer inspection I can see the buds forming on the branches, buds that will burst forth with Oak leaves and later acorns later in the season. Through the branches of the tree I have an excellent view of the reddish-brown building that is Turkstra Lumber. If I look just a little to the left, the smoke stacks of Campbell cement factory greet me, happily spewing out smoke and assailing my ears with a high pitched screaming whistle. This is the view that will disappear leaf by leaf in early June. By late June our room will be shrouded once more with the blanket of the Oak tree, and we will be able to pretend that we aren't living in a nearly-industrial neighbourhood. Except that we really won't be.
Seeing as how I've got a full week to study for a Hackney exam, and that our lease-end date of April 30 is quickly approaching, I shall go down into the depths of the basement to our furnace room this morning and bring up with me my first packing box. This will be the end of an era for the Sugar Shack: in fact, it will be the end of the Sugar Shack in it's entirety. The ladies are disbanding: Ms Barnhoorn will be married in June, Ms Fraser heads to Sir Stanford Flemming in the fall for museum studies, Ms Deelstra will continue at RUC for her B.Ed, and Ms Kenny and I shall board a plane for Japan. This house, which has been trespassed by many a prospective house-buyer this semester, has as of yesterday been bought. We have no choice but to pick up and move out.
This shall be the first summer in two years that I have not lived with my beloved roommie Ms Kenny: and I must admit that it is a hard fact to get used to. This coming week might potentially be the last week that I ever live with her, and I am very definite on the fact that I do not want that statement to be true. Maybe in Japan....
Next Friday, with the help of two wonderful boys and my roomie, I'll be moving downtown to Stanley Street to live once more with the lovely Ms Jodi Enns (with whom I lived in first year) and Sonya and my future roommate, I believe. And you should be able to get ahold of me (after next week) via Brian's cell (not his new Nerds one though).
So, bring on the packing boxes!

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