Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Welcome to the real world

And a hearty welcome to the summer that I have been looking forward to so much! The term 'summer' seems to be a bit of a stretch thus far- it was reported that at work today the temperature was hovering around -3. Brr. So what is my 'summer' looking like to date? I can assure you, it's very thrilling. As previously stated, I'm an employee at Verbinnen's Nursery. I'm not picking weeds yet, however-- I spent the past two days standing infront of a revolving platter of soil. Does it sound as riveting as it is? Yep, I think so. Anyhow, ten hours a day on five days a week, and five hours on the sixth day.
Despite the less than thrilling occupation, this May is looking to be quite a good month. My good friend Nathan Martin turns 23 on Thursday, May 5th. The lovely Michelle Westra approaches her 22nd birthday this Friday, May 6th. On Sunday May 8th, I hope to be home in Belleville, celebrating Mother's Day with the most spectacular and altogether most beautiful mother in the world, the one and only Mrs Rhea van Breda. A certain lady by the name of Ms Laura Kenny reaches the age of 23 (she's old!!) on May 17. May 18th marks an amazing 5 months with the most handsome and charming man that I know. I think (I'm sorry, I can't remember) that the 18th also marks my niece's first birthday. As of May 28, I will officially become a Redeemer Alumna with two letters added behind my name. (I wonder sometimes if they shouln't be "B.S." instead...) May 29 of course marks my 22nd birthday, when perhaps all of my siblings will be present for the first time on my birthday since I was in grade 10 or 11.
I would say that this sounds like an excellent month to look forward to, no? With that, I shall hit the sack. Undergrad days of staying up past 10:30 are waving farewell to me even as I write this.

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