Thursday, June 16, 2005

After this week is finished, I have no more than 14 days left to work at the Greenhouse... hopefully it will be 13 days. And I can't wait to be finished. The summer heat is not my friend, ladies and gentlmen, I would take the cool spring or fall days any day over the summer weather of Southern Ontario.
Life continues to advance despite my wish for it to do so-- in a mere 43 days I fly to Japan for a year. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for this little adventure--but, well.... you know. I don't do well leaving the country. Just ask Nate-- he drove me to the airport when I was flying to England, and it was probably all he could do to keep me from jumping out of the car on the 401 on the way to the airport. I'm sure I"ll be fine once I arrive, but it's the anticipation that I do not look forward to with such keenness.
Nathan, Sam and Daryl are all signed on to take off to England for ten days or so, and I'm mighty jealous of them. Screw Japan, I wanna go back to England. I'm positive that they'll all have an absolutely smashing time there, what?

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