Sunday, July 31, 2005

So, the plane didn't crash

It has been such a long and confusing day. It's currently 8:44pm on Sunday July 30th here in Tokyo, yet I seemed to have skipped over Saturday night and Sunday morning. I've slept three hours since Friday morning, and I'm beginning to feel it wear on me a bit. Like a lot.
The trip here was fairly uneventful. They didn't put our luggage on scales at all, they didn't make us turn our computers on, but true to form, they did scan me with the metal detector and dust my computer and electronics. Why me? It only seems to be me that gets stopped, every time.
Anyhow, after a teary and reluctant departure, Kenny and I boarded our plane and each had the pleasure of receiving window seats-- on the opposite sides of the plane. I met a fabulous girl named Stephanie though and we had quite a great time for the length of the flight. The flight really seemed to go on forever, and only one of my earphones worked. Movies, stupid shows, more movies, more stupid shows, more movies and star trek was what the flight entailed. I tried to sleep but only succeeded in dozing once, for about ten minutes. Tokyo is nothing very special, the buildings look a lot like those in Toronto. We did, however, go out for dinner once we checked into our rooms-- Kenny, a few random girls and I--to a little Japanese restaurant that had fantastic pictures to accompany every item on the menu. I love pictures! I ordered my first meal in Japan and was pleasantly surprised- I ordered "Kroket" or something of the sort, which was mashed potatoes balled and fried. mmmm. A bit of a challenge to eat with chopsticks, but I think that I managed well!
I shall be off to bed, I'd like to see if I can by-pass the whole jet-lag thing. I'm hopeful. G'night all, konbanwa!

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