Monday, August 15, 2005

Life at school

Goodafternoon, or goodevening I suppose I should say to most of you. I am at school today with my kocho-sensei (the Principal) and the phys-ed teacher. Neither of them speak english so it has been a very quiet morning.
I decided to make thirty-some cue-cards with the canada flag on the front of them, which I will use for an introduction game. I`ll write different `Canadian` names on the backs of them, and have two of each name. I*ll hand them out to the students and then make them introduce themselves to eachother until they find the other person who has the same name as them. This has been keeping me very occupied today which makes me happy. The day passes much more quickly when you*re not sitting doing nothing. The one unexpected hitch has been that the marker that I*m using is permanent, so I*m getting to be quite fuzzy-headed. And I have also realized that I*m a terrible artist, I can*t draw a maple leaf to save my life.
This evening I might be travelling to Kyoto to see some fireworks and fun stuff such as that.
I*m considering setting up a blog for my 3rd level class (the grade 9*s) and asking them to write about something once in a while, it would be good practice for their english. That means that y*all would have to read the blog and then comment on it for them!
Anyhow. I must take my leave of the computer now and see if I can improve my maple leaf. Cheers!

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