Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My heros for the week

The lovely Ms Shannon Marcus (Bowmanville's newest french teacher) and newly-wed Mrs Snoek (but don't worry, becs, you'll always be "rbarnho"!) are my newest heros. They both sent me mail this past week. Shannon's letter was the first piece of mail in romaji that I received, and it was even more a plesant surprise because apparently, we get mail delivered to us on Saturdays! Who knew? Becs sent me a beautiful photo of the couple that will soon (very very very soon!) be arriving in my neck of the woods. (Should anyone else desire to be my hero, my mailing addy was in that mass email I sent out three weeks ago, but if you've lost it, lemme know! I can definitely help you get ahold of it again! hint, hint!)

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