Thursday, August 11, 2005

Time has passed much more quickly since I moved to Kobe. The first week in Japan seemed to last a month-- this week has only seemed like two weeks. At this rate by September my weeks will be going by in what will seem like days!
I've found a very good friend in a girl named Kim. Kim's from Hawaii, so I'm pretty excited about going to visit her sometime in the coming years! She and her fiancee just finished building their house, so she has welcomed me to it. Can't wait! She's not entirely sure on staying for the whole year, but I'm certainly praying that she sticks it out with me! There are some other nice folk who are also first year JETs but they live a little bit farther than Kim so I don't see them entirely often. Other than that the company occasionally leaves a bit to be desired, a lot of the JETs like to drink and apparently can't handle their drink well so that's less than fun. I can't wait to see Laura again, it's been too long.
It was another day of sitting around the staffroom at my desk doing nothing today, my butt is incredibly numb and sore. I"m incredibly bored so I think that I"ll ask my JTE if I can leave now. Sayonnara!

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