Saturday, August 13, 2005

Today is a happy day!

I'm sitting in my livingroom on my futon/couch, smelling the dinner that one of my neighbours is cooking mixed with the damp smell of fresh rain. I'm listening to the cars driving past on the highway next to my building, but every now and again there's a huge crack of thunder that erupts from the surprisingly light clouds. And I'm connected to the internet on my own connection! My Yahoo box was dropped off today, but only after a rather interesting phone call. I came home from getting groceries only to find another slip of paper in my door saying that I missed another delivery of a package. I gathered up my nerve and phoned the number.

"Eego-ga wakadimaska?" Says I.
"Iie. Eego-ga wakadimassen."
"Ah, so desu. Nihongo-ga wakadimassen."

We're at a standstill. He doesn't understand English and I don't understand Japanese. Not beaten yet, and driven by the desire to have my internet connected today, I read out the package numbers in Japanese on my paper (thank goodness I learned the numbers 1-10 this week!) and say,

Five minutes later there is a knock on my door and my YahooBB equipment is in my hands. I'm a very happy camper today here in Gakuentoshi.

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