Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What a long day this has been. I didn't work hard today or accomplish a whole lot but it has been long nonetheless. Today was supposed to be my first full day at school. So, like the good employee I am I left my house fifteen minutes earlier than necessary and set out on my way to school. It's not a long way; five minutes to the trainstation, ten minutes to my stop, ten minutes to my school and I'm there. I'm just amazed at how much this country makes me sweat though: my ten minute walk (up hill) had me sweating more profusely than I have ever sweated before, even when running 5K for gym class in high school. I learned one thing important this morning: never walk to school in the shirt that I have to wear all day. Anyhow, by lunch I set up the majority of my slideshow that I'm going to use for my self-intro. Which left me with NOTHING to do for the next four hours. My Kyoto-sensei (VP) seemed to be afraid that I'd overwork myself so he sent me home at 2:30 and told me that for the rest of the summer 11am-2pm is good enough. Ok. Suits me fine. But that's only another six days. The rest of my school days will be taken up by Japanese lessons, summer school and training. I will only be at this school for one term, which ends at the end of December, and then I move on to the next school. I cringe to think of how many self-intros I'll be doing-- I have fifteen classes to teach at this school, which means fifteen intros. They will be varied a little to suit either first year, second year or third year, but I'll be doing three first year intros a day for two days, three second year intros for one day and three third year intros a day for two days. The kids seem to be fantastic-- they're so adorable. If I say "hello" to them, their first reaction is to say "hello" back-- and then they realize that they just spoke english to an english teacher and they get self-conscious and giggly and ignore me.
It's raining right now outside. My fan is sitting by my balcony door blowing the rainy air straight at me and it smells so inviting. I love the smell of rain. An hour earlier there was a bit of a lightning show to the west of Gak, but there has been nothing for quite some time. I"m not yet used to the time that dusk settles or that the sun rises at, but that will soon change hopefully.
This Sunday I hope to head to a reformed church in the area, I think it's about a 45 min trip away. The pastor is a former student of Dr Goheen so the pastor knows the whole Goheen family, but then again, who in this world doesn't? ;) It's a comfort to know that I have a pastor in the area that's willing to take care of me a bit-- he and his wife want to have me to their house for dinner at some point in the coming weeks and have given me their phone number in case I encounter anything for which I might need their help. I'm excited about going to the church, even if it's not in english (I'm not sure yet if it is or isn't), I haven't been to church now in two weeks and I think that's part of the reason why it feels like the time that I've been here so far has dragged a bit.
Anyhow, that's about all I have to say for now, except to Meijer, Harskamp, James and Brian: have fun at Ben Folds tonight, I am SO incredibly jealous of y'all!! Let me know if they're as fabulous in concert as they are on my cd!

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