Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gone with the wind

So it's been a windy day today, at it seems as if these sandy school yards are perhaps not such a good idea. As I watched from my desk at lunch, I saw half of the school yard picked up and tossed around by the wind as if it was nothing but a feather. I thought it was quite unkind. As if the wind had read my thoughts earlier, as I stepped out of the school to make my way home this afternoon I felt as though I just had a hand full of sand and dust thrown at my head. I looked around and sure enough, I saw a guilty look in the wind. I feel as though I should take a shower right now and get all of this grime off of myself, but that would be procrastinating-- it's half way through this week and I have yet to update last weekend.

Partying with the JTEs (Japanese Teachers of English)
On Friday afternoon I came back from school around 5pm only to head out the door again by 6. I was headed to "Ito", a teppanyaki restaurant in Sannomiya. Costly, but was it ever worth it! We had our own private room and our own private chef who proceded to cook our entire meal on the grill in front of us. He was better than a dancing bear. He threw around knives, lit alcohol on fire, and grilled the best steak that I've ever had in my life (although it could have also been fantastic because it was the infamous Kobe Beef). If you want entertainment for supper, go out and find a teppanyaki restaraunt! (be prepared to pay for the entertainment... pay dearly...) Down side: he fried everything. Even my lettuce. Greasy warm lettuce is really not all it's cracked up to be... kinda slimey..

Go west young (wo)man
Early Saturday morning I hopped on the subway and caught a transfer train which brought me to Himeji, the city of those wonderful folks such as Josh Baxter and Rod and Bec Snoek! It was *so* good to see the little redhead and her husband again-- words really can't describe how good it was... Apparently Bec was pretty excited, too, by the looks of it!

Kenny and I spent the day at the Snoek residence (absolutely beautiful place) relaxing, catching up with the couple and playing Dominoes- mexican train. I miss playing games! In the evening we went out for a liesurly supper with Mr Baxter and afterwards walked around the outskirts of Himeji Castle.
Early sunday afternoon (spent the morning just lazing around) we headed out the castle for the afternoon and this time gained admission as well as an English-speaking tour guide, who was fabulous. We learned the history and the stories of the castle and roamed the beautiful grounds, both Kenny and I wishing that we lived in a town that had such a beautiful castle that we could visit every weekend.

A good time was had by all.

As of today....

There are right now three new resident aliens in our midst-- Mr Nate Martin, Mr Jared Wilms and Mr Rob Joustra. And I get to see them on Saturday!!!! The should have arrived in Osaka this afternoon and I can only presume that they shall be settling into their new place this evening... gambate to those folks with the jet lag, I look forward to seeing you bright and early Saturday morning! I'll bring breakfast though, k? I have discovered that they are not far away from me and also that they are not expensive to reach. I take the subway into Sannomiya, our Kobe city centre, and from there take the Hanku line to their train station. All for $6!! And 60 minutes! Boyz, I am hereby announcing my intent to crash your apartment some days after school...
I think that it should be another great weekend.

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