Monday, September 05, 2005

I never knew

I never knew that my feel could have so many blisters and raw spots on them as they do right now. For some reason here in Japan, every pair of footwear that I set my feet into gives me blisters or rubs away layers upon layers of skin. Even shoes that I've worn often before. Right now between the two feet I can count 12 owwies. It's making it hard to choose which pair of shoes to wear to school in the morning, it's hard to find a pair that doesn't rub against one of the exposed sores. I'm curious, how does being in a different country affect the relationship between my feet and my shoes?
Anyhow now that I've told the world about my feet I'll move on to more pressing issues... A typhoon is coming, and it's headed for the Kansai region, which is where Kobe (and Fukuchiyama) are located. Now, for all those who have been bombarded for the past weeks with images of Hurricane Katrina, you can settle down, a situation like that isn't likely to happen, for several reasons: 1)the centre of the typhoon is not supposed to hit this area 2)Kobe is definitely built above sea-level and 3)Japan is a country of national disasters. They're routine here. The buildings are built to withstain gale-force winds and survive earthquakes, so there really isn't a whole lot of risk involved. And, not only do I get to witness my first natural disaster but I get to enjoy the cool weather that it has brought along! I am pleased, actually downright extatic, to let you know that the temperature is hovering around the 25 degree Celcius mark. Isn't that fantastic? Even with the humidex it's only 27 degrees. After a month of intense heat and thick humidity, temperatures roaming around the 35 degree mark (with the "feels like" around 38 or 40), I gladly embrace this change in weather.

(and on another very happy note I got more mail today... two letters! yay!! One postmarked Aug31/Sept01, the other marked Sept 01/02. It's only the 5th today. And there was a weekend in there-- that's pretty quick!)

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