Thursday, September 22, 2005

The past week

Another week has come and gone, and so has my first visit to the house of the Redeemer Men in Japan. Last Friday night I had the second of my third enkais, this one was with the Ichi-nensei staff (first year teachers). I had Kobe Beef for the second week in a row- and it's fantastic! We sat in our own little room at this restaurant, on the floor on cushions-- but the floor was hollowed out under the table so it was like sitting on a bench. Anyhow, the food. Cast iron platters of thinly sliced raw beef was presented to us. On the tables in front of us we had two cast iron pots of boiling water (there were elements built into the table) in which we were to "shoop, shoop, shoop" the beef. Think fondue. But instead of little spears, you're using chopsticks. And instead frying the meat in oil, you're boiling it in water. Once there was a bit of white on the meat, the idea was to dip it in sauce of some sort and then enjoy! It was another fantastic dining experience. Such good food, too!

On Saturday morning I got up bright and early and missed my first train so I was a bit late in reaching the boys, but I did indeed make it all the way to Takarazuka and met up with Kenny and Nate at the train station. The other two boys met us at the door as we entered into their beautiful apartment, and a fantastic weekend ensued. Movies were watched, euchre was played, and the 100yen store was explored. And much talk was had.

Monday morning, the three boys and Kenny and I jumped on the train and headed to Osaka-- the boys to begin their training and Kenny and I to try and score tickets to the Cirque de Soleil. Which we did. And it was amazing. I don't think that I'd have ever gone in Canada, but as we were saying, it's a lot easier to spend money to go to these things when you're not in Canada. If you've never seen Cirque, I recommend you seek it out and go to a performance, even if it is in Canada! It's more than worth the money.

This week, school has been filled with yet more practicing for sports day. Tuesday afternoon was practice, All day Wednesday was practice, and this afternoon was set-up. All day tomorrow will be devoted to Sports Day and the clean up there-of. I have to run in a relay race. I dislike running. I'm supposed to not run as fast as I can cause we're racing against the students, but they're such crazy runners that even if I ran my fastest I couldn't beat them. Once sports day is finished, we have two weeks of normal classes before practicing for School Festival that will take place in late October. I was looking at my schedule and I have only 9 Mondays on which I have to be at school teaching before I come back for Christmas. That's really not a lot, because I only have my Monday classes once a week, so I only have the first year students 9 more times. I'm trying to plan lessons for the next two ni-nensei classes that I have, and the second lesson is going to be for Thanksgiving. I can't believe that I'm already planning for a thanksgiving lesson! Oy. Then again, this is also the last weekend in September. I've been gone from Ontario almost two months. And it feels like it.

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