Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thre rest of the story: as promised

As I sit here on the floor at my computer, I have a glass of Kobe Blueberry Wine at my side and a pillow on my feet, warming my toes. Warming, you say? Isn't it already warm enough there in the land of 38 degree days? One would think that might be the case, but gone are the days of 38 degrees, and arrived are the days of 26 degrees and nights of 18 degrees. Goosebumps in 18 degree weather? It's certainly possible. Consider the fact that in the past month, the temperature has dropped 20 degrees. I'd like to see you maintain your proper body temperature in 18 degree weather when it became acclimated to 38 degree weather. At any rate, I wore a 3/4 sleeve sweater to work today. And it was needed.
I've been informed by those to whom I talk with regulary on the phone that my account of my time here via blog and my account of my time here via conversation have been two seperate versions of the story. And tonight I seek to make ammends to that.
First off: have I been lying in either of my versions of my experience? No, I certainly haven't. I believe that it is more of a case of 'selective portrayal.' Some of this has been done purposefully, as this is a public blog and I am very aware of the fact that anyone in my company here in Japan that should search my name would find this site rather instantly and I prefer to have my private life private from my employers.
As many of you know, August was very exciting because I was in a new country and I did such things as hook up with Tina Koopmans in kyoto and go to traditional festivals. However, it was also extremely hard on me because I was left with a month of empty days on my hands. What to fill them with? Going to school, though required, certainly wasn't fulfilling as I found myself sitting at my desk in the empty staffroom, drumming my fingers on the surface in front of me. My evenings were equally dull. I developed a harsh heat rash that lasted for two weeks and made the heat and humidity seem all that much more potent and unbearable. I found a church to go to, but while the congregation was heart-warmingly welcoming to me on Sundays, I had no contact with any of them throughout the week, with the exception of the pastor and his wife.
September came along and life seemed to be looking up. My job would soon begin and my Redeemer friends would arrive-- the days would be busier and I would have more extra-curricular activity to look forward to. My days did get a bit busier, there were more students around the halls, but I still only taught two hours a day. The Redeemer folk are great to visit, but when I get home my apartment is empty and dark.
I could stretch this out and make it much more drawn out but I won't, there are some things I'd rather not share with the entire population of blog readers. If I know you well enough that you think I would tell you the rest of the story, ask someone who you think will know and they'll fill you in.
As it is, I must say that I am glad that I'm here. There are so many positive things that have come about because of this adventure. I am, however, looking forward to flying home for Christmas.

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