Saturday, October 08, 2005

Burned, underdone, crude..

It's been raining all day today. This fact was made most obvious to me when I had finished washing my clothes in the bathroom tub and it occurred to me that I had no place to hang them but outside. So outside they went, and luckily only the clothes on the out-most line became more wet than they had been before they went out. The rest dripped water until I had an inch of wetness on my porch (you have to remember that I don't own a washing machine, which means that due to the lack of 'spin cycle' the clothes are hung up absolutely drenched). It stopped raining long enough for me to run out and get some groceries, but the clothes aren't anywhere near dry. They're not dripping anymore, but they just might require another two days of hanging in this weather. Oh how I long for the day when I shall once more have access to a washing machine and dryer.
I decided at the store today that I would invest in some cereal.... At my grocery store, I had few choices other than Kellogs, which is fine by me, I like the way Kellogs does cereal. I ended up with a box of "Corn Frosties" and "(something in kanji) buran" -- equivalents to Frosted Flakes and All Bran. Mmm, and I got a small container of "Lady Borden Ice Cream Cookie" -- as good as Reid's Cookies and Cream ice cream, I'd have to say. It's my first container of ice cream in this country. Costs an arm and a leg, but somethings are worth it. English Muffins! I found English Muffins! There's only four in a pack, but they're pretty big. I bought them too. What a day for food. Mmmmmm.

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