Sunday, October 16, 2005


I feel vaguely disconnected from my fantastic friends in Ontario... I was perusing blogs again today, and something hit me: there are very few bloggers in our little circle who actually make use of their blogs on anything that might be considered a semi-regular basis. Now I realize that most people have a little bit more (ok, a lot more) of a life than I do at present, so there are many other more exciting things that they can be doing instead. It's just an observation.

I have to go back to school tomorrow. It was a nice three day weekend. I don't remember what I'm doing tomorrow, I hope the lesson plans are done already. Church was good today, but it was a little interesting having a sermon preached on that ever-controversial topic of homosexuality translated from Japanese to English. I'm sure it was a very interesting sermon but when it was translated to English it just became a list of facts. On the plus side, we sang two fantastic songs in church.... Unfortunately there was no one to exchange amused glances with as we sang the song that is featured so prominantly in a Mr Bean sketch... But I did feel very special as we sang "O Sacred Head Now Wounded," as I had pointed out to Pastor Ken when I was at their place for dinner that it was one of my favourite hynms.... Pastor Ken said that he'd work it into a service sometime for me. It's like getting a song dedicated to you on the radio... heehee. Anyhow, now I have a copy of "O Sacred Head" in Japanese. I think we should sing it in Japanese at First. :)

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