Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'd just like to say

that there's only 53 more days until I come home for Christmas. There's only seven more monday mornings that I have to face until I wake up on a monday morning in the (hopefully) snowy city of Hamilton! How happy is that?

In the meantime, on November 3rd there's another National holiday so I think I'm going to head to my church that day and help out with a neighbourhood kids day. On November 5th Laura and I will be heading to Kyoto to check out the Imperial palace with some folks from my church. I don't really have any plans after that yet, but it's so exciting to think that November 5th is already next week! That means that it's my dear brother David's birthday soon. And just for the record it was my dear sister's birthday yesterday, Happy 26th Birthday Mar! November 17th my supervisor is coming to observe a class, and then I have to have a meeting with him and his assistant. And then, o happy day, we have exams. And another national holiday. Which means little to zero work that has to be done by me at school, so I might take a few days of holiday. And after that we'll be starting in on the last week in November/first week in December already! When I look at it from this perspective it doesn't seem like a long time. When I look at it from the day to day perspective it seems like eons. I want to see my boy and my family.

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