Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm bored

I wanna go home and wake people up. I was excited to have a weekend that allowed me to sleep in instead of getting up early to visit people or having to get up early because I was already visiting people. But I ran out of things to do today. I even went for a walk in the pouring rain. I'm sure my neighbours thought I was crazy. Crazy Gaijin But after surfing blogs, writing a few emails and watching random old newsclips from CBC, I'm bored out of my tree and I feel like annoying someone. If Sam were here I'd be on the floor right now untying his shoes and pulling them really tight, as I so often did in England. If Brian was here I'd mess up his hair and tease him about his growing mullet until he stopped looking at his computer and agreed to play Settlers with me. If anyone was here... oh the things I can think of right now to annoy people. Wow, I really am a youngest child. Here's a bit of advice for you: don't ever let your youngest child get too bored or you'll have to face the annoying repercussions. Consider this fair warning.

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