Friday, October 07, 2005

Nonsensical English

The Mysterious Key Granny exisits Somewhere!!
by Yusuke Teshima

Mysterious Key Granny explained the lyrics of "Jinjiro-Ge" an Indian song.
What do you think of that?
Here is a song that goes as follows:

Father, Mother,
Asakusa Go,
It is the cow,
Panarama See.

Children in the Taisho era used to enjoy singing this song merrily.
Even though it sounds nonsense, it was said to be English song.
"Jinjiro-Ge" is one of their nonsensical sort of songs.
Fortunately my sixty-five years old mother memorized the lyrics of this "Jinjiro-Ge" and my children took it down the musical notation.
To tell the truth, I also became a latchkey husband last year. I went home without taking our house key and there was no body at home. I had such a terrible time walking up and down the stairs of the Danchi, our housing development apartment, waiting for my wife to come back. From this experience I got some idea of how the boy in this story feels.
I hope the Mysterious Key Granny exisits somewhere!

From one of the few English books in our school library....

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