Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh what a night

I wonder if there are other people in this world who dream as much as I do in any given night. This is a summary of last night's dream (I have to list the facts, because everything else is starting to get lost in my head already...)
-Brian and I were looking to buy a house in Grand Rapids, but out in the country
-The house that we decided on sometimes had white siding and at other times had red brick walls
-there was a room about two feet wide over the garage door
-I had already sewn curtains for the windows
-Marya ane Eric were to be our neighbours
-Marya had cleaned the walls in the kitchen but in doing so got mudstains on the wall... so she called Global and ordered a map of how to get the mudstains off
-The house was right around the corner from Grace Christian Fellowship, Gary's church that I went to several times in second year
-Rebecca Welfare and some others (who remain faceless in my head) all squeezed into Brian's car with us as we drove the countryside looking for something (I don't know what)

So that's the dream. I have strange dreams every night here in Japan-- I know that I had dreams often in Canada, but I swear they are increasing in frequency now. They say that every dream that you remember, and every shift in the dream represents a brief moment when your sleep was interrupted and you woke up. Thus, a night with four random dreams that I remember indicates that I woke up four times. Maybe it's all the noise in this neighbourhood. I'm in the "suburbs" of Kobe, but I live in a five floor apartment building: on one side of the building (right outside my front door) is the highway and a parking lot; on the other side of my building (right under my balcony) is another huge parkinglot which might as well be a highway with the amount of cars that come and go in the middle of the night. The firetrucks and police cars use the highway to get from one 'burb to the next, and the sirens they use aren't any regular north american sirens-- no, they're ear-piercing wails of sirens that bounce off of the apartment buildings and get reflected right in through my balcony door. I assure you, living in down-town hamilton is infinitely more quiet than this place! Upper Wellington was even more quiet-- even with the fire station down the street and the uncanny attraction for accidents that our stoplights had. Oy vay.
In conclusion, I think that it's actually rather mean to wish a person 'sweet dreams,' cause you're pretty much sentancing him or her to a night of sleep interruption.

****Post Script: I almost forgot to mention one of the most unbearable forms of noise pollution: Vans driving up and down the winding streets of a neighbourhood (or just parking in one spot, for that matter) shouting political or advertising slogans and campaigns out of huge sound systems strapped to the top of the vehicles... and when I say shouting, I mean shouting. There is a van somewhere in the vancinity at this moment and I would hazard a guess that it's a good 15 min walk away. Make it SHUT UP!!!

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