Tuesday, October 04, 2005

School 'n' stuff

Tomorrow I teach my second very own lesson. I'm teaching the second years (8th graders) about Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm learning that there really isn't a 'Canadian' reason for thanksgiving... The Loyalists just brought it with them when they came to Canada. So I'm also teaching about American Thanksgiving.
Looking at my academic calendar, I noticed that I only have five five-day weeks left this semester. That means that half of the remaining weeks this term are three or four-day weeks. Not bad, eh?
We get next Monday off due to a national holiday, and then at the end of the weeks the students have midterms already. I will be recording my voice for listening comprehension tests for English midterms at some point between tomorrow and next Thursday.
I confirmed the booking of my ticket home for Christmas yesterday, so that was pretty exciting. December 17's the day!

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