Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A few things of interest....

I have recently rediscovered the joy of computer games... no, I'm not talking about something silly like Age of Empires 19 or something like that. I'm talking about the good old tried-trusted-and-true games... one specifically, "Lemmings". I spent many hours in my childhood on the family Commadore Amiga 2000 trying to rescue the poor creatures from their underground death-traps, though when worst came to worst it was also good entertainment pressing that mushroom button.... 5...4...3...2...1... 'oh no!!' ...."For your sake, I hope you nuked that level!" Ah, good times. They're so cute, the little things. I'd recommend trying it out if you've got a bit of spare time.

Right now I'm listening to the fabulous sounds of Michael W Smith's first Christmas album, simply entitled Christmas. (Don't even bother with the second one, unless you want to be assaulted by such sounds not even fit for an elevator... It's bad. Really bad. I've never been so embarassed of my purchase within 10 seconds of placing it in the CD player before.) We had a tape of this recording that lived in our kitchen stereo from November until January first... It was around everytime dishes were done, meals were cooked or Christmas goodies were baked. I love it.

Kenny suggested toninght that maybe I should consider working with mentally challenged students at some point in the future because my special needs class is my favourite class of the whole week... she might have a point. It requires more thought.

It's almost December!! Due to the fact that the weather resembles that of mid-to-late October Ontario weather at the moment, I have trouble sometimes believing the aforementioned fact. I'm almost willing to bet that there are more Christmas decorations plastering the stores and public spaces of this country than there are in Ontario, but still... It's amazing how much the weather grips your senses. Occassionally the sky becomes a dense grey and that crisp smokey smell filles my nostrils as I breathe in, and I think "Hey! It's almost winter!" But, unfortunately, I don't have an oven or anything like it to make good stuff in. I long for the days of high school when I used to get home from school and start making Christmas-y things just to make the house smell good.... I don't have that option here. And I don't have anyone to feed, even if I did. I'd probably give myself diabetes, eating so much chocolate and sugar all by myself. Probably best that I don't have an oven.

I miss Christmas shopping with my sister. No fair. Evan gets to have all the fun this year. I miss living in the same city as her. It was fun, way back in first year when we only lived 20 minutes apart... Friday night movie/pizza/icecream/girls nights.... But now she's a mommy living in her own house in Orono and we probably won't be living in the same city again... at least not for a long time. And that makes me sad. I like bumming around with her and watching movies and baking and stuff. Boo.

This will be my first Christmas ever not being home in Belleville for the actual Day.... and that's kinda strange. I'll miss it. And it will be my first Christmas in 9 years without my puppy. I'll miss her greatly. BUT. It shall be my first time spending Christmas with Evan, not to mention the fact that it'll be my first time having a double Christmas with Brian!

I hope there's snow at Christmas so I can go make a snowman. Did you know that Japanese children draw snowmen with only two balls as opposed to our Ontarian 3? Betcha didn't. At least about 98% of my 145 first year Japanese children drew two balls.... I've always wanted to make snowmen as creative as Calvin.
Someday, maybe.

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