Friday, November 11, 2005

I give

I've tried to stay away from this for as long as possible, this list of things I love... Why? Because I was a reluctant blogger in the first place, and I distinctly remember not wishing to do anything that would specifically categorize me as one of those bloggers. My blog served a purpose as a travel log, not to chronicle my every thought. Well, now it does both. I still don't like the idea of doing it just because everyone else is doing or has done it. And I suppose at this point, I'm not. I had this assignment in first year philosophy, writing down all of the things that I loved... I don't think that I put much effort into it. (Sometimes I wish I could do my first year of Redeemer over) This is my list... It's long, I just wrote until I ran out of steam (it's 1am)....
Here's to the man who started it and those who recently inspired me to sit down and think about it.

That being said, I'm not a fan of numbering lists such as these because I'm prone to want to put them in order of importance.... and that's so hard to do because how do you rank things that you love? So I shall use the alphabet. That is much less stressful for me. Not as much pressure... yep, I'm a goof.

a. The God who's been with me ever since I was a wee little lass hiding under my covers from the thunderstorms inside and outside the house...
b. Brian vanOosten
c. Memories
d. My fabulously strong mother
e. My family
f. Christmas
g. Christmas music
h. Christmas trees
i. Crowded malls at Christmas
j. ....all things Christmas
k. Sitting in a dark room at night, watching the ground get covered with freshly
fallen snow.
m. My dearly departed dog
n. Friends from High school
o. Friends near and far
p. Friends that I wish that I knew better and that I had more time to spend with...
q. Chocolate
r. Cookie Dough Ice Cream
s. Oxford
t. The whole of the British Isles
u. Naan bread
v. Hamburgers
w. Candle light services
x. Sacred songs sung accapella
y. Pictures of people I love and good memories
z. A scrapbooking page well done
aa. The Day family
bb. The Lasher Family
cc. Learning to snowboard
dd. Singing
ee. Realizing that I've just learned something by figuring it out all on my own
ff. Toboganning
gg. Making and eating home-made pizza, crust and all
hh. Making people happy with baked goods
ii. Trips to Stratford
jj. Having dibs on one of the heated seats in The Nerdmobile
kk. videos of my niece and nephew
ll. pictures of my growing little favourite youngest nephew
mm. A good game of Settlers
nn. Having a glass of wine with friends
oo. Going off-roading while hiking around Webster's Falls
pp. Camping at Presque'ille
qq. Huddling around a campfire with friends as the night cools down
rr. Sitting on the beach at night, watching the stars and hearing the waves crash
ss. Pachabel's Canon in D (Sorry, it's cliche but there are powerful memories attached)
tt. Dressing up and going somewhere fancy
uu. The Soundtrack to The Red Violin
vv. The Double Bass, the Cello and the violin
ww. Les Miserables, both the novel and musical
xx. Going to the theatre
yy. Being part of the theatre
zz. The world of Musicals
aaa. Kraft Dinner
bbb. Massages
ccc. Being remembered
ddd. Solo Piano pieces
eee. getting snail mail
fff. Doing kart-wheels on bushy green grass
ggg. Getting sucked into a good book
hhh. Finally turning my lights off at 5am because I couldn't sleep if I didn't know how my book ended...
iii. Falling into bed when I'm physically exhausted
jjj. Peppermint tea
kkk. Feeling smart every now and again
lll. Brian's Pink sweater
mmm. A really and truly honest friendship
nnn. Being spoiled for a day
ooo. Spoiling someone else for a day
ppp. Chatham and all the dear people that I know in the proximity
qqq. Dr Bowen, Dr Loney and Professor Cook
rrr. A clever poem
sss. Old movies
ttt. The smell of Bounce fabric softener
uuu. Hugs
vvv. My duvet
www. Reminiscing
xxx. Gotta leave this one blank... :P
yyy. A room full of candles
zzz. people who make me giggle
aaaa. French Fries and Mayonaise
bbbb. Going for Drives with Brian
cccc. Staying up late when us siblings are all together
dddd. Rainy Days
eeee. Playing Monopoly on rainy days
ffff. Stomping in slush
gggg. The thin ice that forms on puddles in the spring
hhhh. Surprising people
iiii. Confirmation
jjjj. Fiction books that actually make me want to change the world (or at least myself)
kkkk. Algonquin Park
llll. Ontario
mmmm. Big old houses in the old sections of downtowns
nnnn. Cheap apartments in big old houses in the old section of Hamilton (know of any?)
oooo. Finally getting something that hasn't made sense to me for five years
pppp. The sense of accomplishment after working so very hard at something that I thought I couldn't do
qqqq. Getting lost in a city where English is the primary language
rrrr. Music music music
ssss. Making fun plans with friends
tttt. Having funner spur of the moment activities
uuuu. Declaring words into existence because I'm an English Major
vvvv. Making people smile when they're not expecting it
wwww. Hot showers and freshly laundered warm pjs
xxxx. First CRC
yyyy. Children
zzzz. Knowing that a child will remember me
aaaaa. Finding a new song that I love

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