Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another work week done....

As my Tuesday rolls to a close, so does (technically) my work week. I still have to go to school for Wednesday and Thursday, but I have no classes. How fantastic? Actually I'd rather have classes than sit in the staffroom trying to keep myself busy for 8 hours, but I'd gladly give up my Wednesday classes to fiddle, so I'm happy. Wednesdays are my worst days of the week, where I have a whole afternoon of evil little ni nenseis. There are some -- very few -- good ones in those classes, but of course they aren't the ones seeking attention. Bah. Anyhow, due to very sad circumstances (My Ni Nensei's father had a stroke and is having surgery) I don't have to do those classes tomorrow. On Thursday my san nensei students have High school entrance tests so their classes are cancelled. And on Friday I have a conference at the Board of Ed, a fun day filled with teaching seminars. Yippie! So, after only two days of teaching for the week I'm finished. Now I only have each class once more before I finish at the school. Five days of work left. Next week Saturday night I'll be back in Hamilton. Somehow the reality of that hasn't hit me yet. Odd.

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