Saturday, December 30, 2006

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stuart Tells a Story

By the time we got to Hamilton Place on Tuesday evening the lobby was deserted, save the few ushers and ticket takers chatting amongst themselves. One young man, looking to be somewhere in the age range of 16-18, scanned our tickets and pointed us to the elevator. At the elevator we were joined by an older man, about 60 years in age, who excitedly asked us if we were headed to the same show as he was - "Stuart McLean!" We confirmed the yes indeed, we were, and that it would be faster to run up the stairs than to wait for the elevator any longer. There were more flights of stairs than we were expecting...
Outside the theatre doors on the first balcony we could hear murmurs of an animated voice punctuated with bursts of laughter. As we crept into the auditorium, the stage below came into view: stage left, decorated with a grand piano, a double bass, snare drum, violin, electric guitar and several microphones; on stage right was a brightly lit Christmas tree, an old Juke Box, a chair, an area rug, and Stuart McLean. At least, I assumed that it was Stuart McLean - I had never seen him before and had no way to recognize him but by his voice and the man speaking into the microphone was using Stuart's voice so I had nothing to conclude but that it was indeed Stuart McLean at the microphone, centre stage. He was in the middle of telling a story about Morley and about how one day while she was out shopping, Morley hit a raccoon in front of an elementary school on a cross walk minutes before the lunch bell was to ring. As Morley knocked on the door of a house across the street and pleaded desperately with the man to let her put a dead raccoon in his garbage can, Brian and I were allowed to be seated. Which turned out to be more of an ordeal than expected. The usher took us to the front row of the balcony and pointed us down the line of people - "you can't see them," she said, "but your seats are just down there." Brian led the way in quietly mumbling apologies and stepping on peoples toes and I followed, clutching my purse tightly, intent on not tripping over random body parts hidden in the darkness only to go toppling over the knee high ledge to the laps the unsuspecting audience below. (Phew. ) By the time we got to our seats, Morley was busy scooping the dead raccoon into her Holt Renfrew shopping back just as the lunch bell rang at the school. It wasn't until a passerby noticed a Holt Renfrew bag on Morley's car and decided to swipe it and the valuables inside that we realized we were two seats away from an aisle on the other side of our section.
Bravo, usher, bravo.
We sat back, relaxed and enjoyed with Morley the sight of the thief entering the same cafe where Morely was enjoying a cup of coffee, the thief slipping her hand into the bag discreetly to find out what kind of spoils she had plundered and smiling as she touched the fur - jackpot! Of course, it was an entirely different story when the thief actually looked into the bag and found herself face to face with a dead raccoon, the little dull beady eyes staring back at her...
The evening showcased various talents - the voice of a Quebecois Toronto resident, the upbeat strains of a Western Swing band - the BeeBop Cowboys, the Canadian folk-sy Legend Murray McLaughlin (I personally had never heard of him before), the "FX" talents of local Ted Dekker, and of course, the spellbinding voice of Mr McLean.
Stuart himself was not what I was expecting. His voice seems very... masculine. It is hard to translate a voice into a picture of a person and I didn't think that I had been able to do that, listening to Stuart on the radio, create a physical person in my mind. I must have, however, because when I saw a man on stage dressed very much like a tall Mr Rogers, moving his hands, arms, legs around in a... how shall I say this... loose manner, I was very surprised. And when I say "loose" I'm not referring to the 'promiscuous' connotations that the word can have. It's difficult to explain... His motions were unconstrained, fluid. In the end, I found it much less distracting to close my eyes and listen to him when he was reading.
It's amazing how much of a connection he makes with the audience when he is on stage - just as we opened the doors to the auditorium when we arrived, he had said something which made the audience chuckle and then outright laugh - he stopped his story and said, "I've been on the road a lot this year. I've toured all over the world reading about Dave and Morley - Scotland, Ireland, England, Alaska - and not once - not once has anyone caught what you just did right now. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'm so glad to be back here in Hamilton!" A bit later on when a lady in the front row was laughing particularly hard at something Stuart again stopped, looked at her and said, "I'm glad you get it. I'm glad you think it's funny. Are you going to be ok?" At one point he invited a 14 year old girl up on stage to help him deliver prizes to the audience - and then conceded and let a 14 year old boy up on stage as well - and after a third 14 year old stood in front of the stage for several minutes ("What are you doing up here? I said I needed one kid - now I have two - does it look like I need three up here? Go sit down! What are you still doing up here? Go sit! Sit!") Stuart let him up as well. He was in conversation with the audience - the houselights came on and he chatted with the audience. He made fun of people in the audience, they yelled back at him.
If you, like me, have little to do this friday night at 7:30, turn on CBC television to watch Stuart's Christmas Program (filmed in Belleville at the Empire Theatre).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Anton Sighting!

I spent my lunchtime today browsing blogs, getting caught up on the lives of friends and such, and I followed a link on Anton and Jackie's blog to Anton's choir. Curious about what kind of music they produce, I clicked on this link which brought me to a video of Anton! Well, ok, a video of his choir and he made a cameo appearance... Way to go Anton! It's fun to still be able to see you a few provinces over...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Really Really Ridiculously Goodlooking

I can read your thoughts: "Look at that red hair!"

Guy Smilie

Evan learns to play the piano...

Halloween in Orono!

Halloween in Stratford!

My darlingest Niece

Sunday, December 17, 2006

How a Rolling Pin and a Rubber Spatula Changed My Life

On my recent travels in the fall I found myself in the town of Cobourg, ON, for two days. On my first morning, I arrived at the first school at which I was to do a presentation for Redeemer. Guidance Counsellor: "Oh was that supposed to be today? We actually cancelled it last week because no one had signed up."

Great. Thanks for calling me a telling me not to bother showing up at 8:30am.

As it was, I had several hours to kill until my next school visit. As was my custom, I followed my directions from the first school to the second and then proceeded to explore the neighbourhoods. I found a fabulous walking path by the water, scouted out a place to eat lunch and then noticed a Liquidation World. Time was approaching for my second visit of the day, so I headed back to the school and waited 20 minutes for nobody to show up. So I went back to Liquidation World. My Liquidation World shopping habbits might seem a little strange to watch - I wander up and down, up and down, and up and down the aisles, picking up stationary, movies or kitchenware and carrying the items until I think better of it, realize that this isn't that fabulous of a price or think, "I don't actually need this", and then put them down again. Lather, rinse, repeat. And then I saw it - a rolling pin. I haven't had a rolling pin since I lived at home with my mom - and in the mean time, I've used tools from beer or wine bottles to cups, plum sauce and mustard. Only $2.99! I picked it up, carried it around with me for a while, picked up a bag of chocolates, put the chocolates down, walked around, picked up the bag of chocolates again and checked out.

This weekend was our Christmas Party. Three weeks ago we had our Housewarming Party. If you know me, you'll probably know that I love to bake for people - I don't get very inspired baking for myself, but if it's for other people I love it. As you can imagine, I did an awful lot of baking over this period of time and utilising my rolling pin - my teflon rolling pin - was the highlight of the baking!

The lowlight, of course, being my lack of Rubber Spatulas. A rubber spatula has never been something I think to get when I go out shopping, but we did register for some good ones - though never got them. And it's a little hard to spend wedding money on...spatulas. Two weeks ago on the weekend of Mary's wedding I spent some time at De's house with the girls - I was lamenting my lack of rubber spatulas to De and she pulled out a bright pink one and said, "Here Jenny, here's your Christmas Present!" Aww. That made me very happy, to be the owner of a rubber spatula - a hot pink rubber spatula. It made me so happy I forgot to take it with me when we left. No matter, Brian went to De's place in between the wedding and the reception and she gifted it to him! He was pleased and proud that he could bring home a spatula for me, something that he knows that I've been missing. And he left it at De's place, too.

My baking, therefore, consisted of using a lot of spoons to try and scrape the chocolate out of pans, to spread icing on cakes, to clean cookie dough out of the bowl, to spread the top layer on chewie chocolate squares. Spoons, forks and knives all do a very poor job when presented with these tasks. And I washed a lot of utensils. I still don't have a spatula. But given how happy a rolling pin has made me, I can only dream of the day when I'll be able to bake wtih a rubber spatula.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You've Probably Noticed a Change

I thought, since I'm finishing up on my 3rd year of being in the blogging world, my world needs to be redecorated. And so it has! I've lost a few things along the way, such as my visitor counter, but I think that life can go on without tracking that. I wasn't going to make any changes to the blog - in fact, I wasn't going to publish very often until Brian and I merge blogs, but I can't see that happening any time in the near future. So now that I have resigned myself to that fact, I shall do my best to post a little more regularly.

Has anyone noticed that it's almost Christmas? I'd recommend heading out to the John Liang Singer's Christmas Concert this coming Saturday night.... Call Brian for tickets.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy 27th Birthday!

The Birthday Boy you're looking for is modeling a pair of early 90's sunglasses...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I have a wonderful husband

Look at what he did for me!

(yes, there are three Christmas trees in our bedroom...)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I got this from Joel. Kinda fun.
1. put your music player on shuffle
2. press forward for each question
3. use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense

how are you feeling today?
Let it snow

how do your friends see you?
He was despised

will you get married?
Brahms Lullaby

what is your best friend's theme song?
He shall feed his flock

what is the story of your life?
Save the last dance for me

what was highschool like?
Hello city

how can you get ahead in life?
Heaven help us all

what is the best thing about your friends?
I am cow

what is tonight going to be like?
Winter Wonderland

what is in store for the remainder of this weekend?
Santa clause is coming to town

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Late-breaking News!

The 2006-2007 Redeemer Unviersity College Student Directory (aka "The Bod Book") has been released and is in mailboxes all over campus! Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that this is a new record! In other news, the first semester ends officially in 28 days....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lest We Forget

While a bit cheesy, this East Coast musical tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces and Peace Keepers etc makes a good excuse for two minutes of silence at 11am on November 11th. If you can take two minutes of time to watch a commercial break I dare say you can take two minutes to pay respect to those who not only have fought to keep wars and battles at bay from Canada but to help give other countries in the world freedom and peace.

The story behind the song:

On November 11, 1999 Terry Kelly was in a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the store's PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

Terry was impressed with the store's leadership role in adopting the Legion's "two minutes of silence" initiative. He felt that the store's contribution of educating the public to the importance of remembering was commendable.

When eleven o'clock arrived on that day, an announcement was again made asking for the "two minutes of silence" to commence. All customers, with the exception of a man who was accompanied by his young child, showed their respect.

Terry's anger towards the father for trying to engage the store's clerk in conversation and for setting a bad example for his child was later channeled into a beautiful piece of work called, "A Pittance of Time". Terry later recorded "A Pittance of Time" and included it on his full-length music CD, "The Power of the Dream".

In the interest of creating a greater awareness of the sacrifices that have been made and are still being made on our behalf, "A Pittance of Time" has been adapted to the French language and titled "C'est si peu de temps". Music videos for both audio tracks were also produced in support of the campaign.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't Trust the Weatherman

Last week the man on the radio told me (much to my dismay) that it was going to be a mild winter with less-than-average precipitation. It's odd, then, that on the 13th of October there is what appears to be a mild winter storm outside. Slushy snow that would be sleet if the temperature went down a few degrees.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The view from my window right now:

Image may be slightly exaggerated. But not by much.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

News Update

In case you didn't know,

I'm getting married in two days!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I've been remiss in my blogging duties - it's been almost three weeks since I've posted, and over a month since I've posted anything of substance. For that I'm sorry - things have been a little bit busy around here. For those of you who aren't aware (and for those of you who have forgotten), I'm getting married in 6 days! I think that's a pretty exciting event. I don't have cold feet (well, no colder than usual but they haven't even turned numb in the past four months that we've been engaged) and the only wedding things that have stressed me out have been the extra-curricular wedding stuff (such as stag and doe, paintballing etc) and, of course, the ever-present money situation (which wasn't helped by the failure of Brian's fuel pump on his car last week). Life goes on, however, as does time, and I got to go on the road for four days for work. First stop last Sunday and Monday was Peterborough (and Orono, where I spent the night with my sister and her husband, son, and our brother). I only did a few presentations in the schools there - the students are much more into the "grade 12" thing and not so much into the "preparing for their future" thing. After Peterborough I stopped in Norwood, Belleville, Brighton and Trenton - went out for dinner with my mom and stayed the night with her in Belleville. It was a fairly relaxing four days - I finished work every day by 1:30pm, the weather was beautiful and the trees were beginning to change colours. What a great time to drive around!
Shanna, Brian's sister, flew back to Ontario from BC yesterday to help with wedding preparations, so we picked her up at Pearson and went down to Sarnia for dinner and the evening. Things are going well, but I think this is going to be a busy week!

Here's some pictures of the past few months to fill you in on everything you might have missed by my neglegent blogging:

Evan Renkema goes swimming with Uncle Steve

Sam tackles RJ in the pool. Ten points for anyone that can guess who the hairy man in the background is.

Christy steals an abandoned golf cart at the Redeemer Foundation 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

Nadine and Reuben cuddle with Unca Dave when he returns from a year-long absence.

Kenny and Jenny are reunited after a 7-month separation.

Jenny, Michelle and Rebekah chill out for the afternoon on a boat on the Grand.

Brian is in his element on a wakeboard.

Dan is afraid of a little fire.

Brian is off to follow in Bilbo and Frodo's footsteps.

Andy...gets naked in the water?

Kenny learns poker.

Dan and Mira are our first dinner guests at Mapleside.

Jenn says goodbye to Brian's cute shaggy hair.

Brian says "how you doin'" to his new (old) haircut.

We meet Nathan's leading lady, Tiffany.

Dan and Mira looking very much in love.

Sam and Sam are married! And what a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Friends are cool. Especially these guys.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tomorrow Night!

Call me at 905-928-1196 or send me an email at to purchase an advance ticket and save your money!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Tell all your friends! It'll be fun.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Save These Dates

September 9
September 16
September 17
September 24

Fun and exciting things will be happening. Check back for more info!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stolen Observations

While browsing Mrs DeVries' blog this morning on break I came across her ponderings regarding her upcoming (now past) wedding. I'd like to share what she wrote of God's presence in changing situations back in January:

I have been thinking about journeys lately, especially since Daniel and I are about to embark on a fairly significant one: marriage. I am a conservative at heart; I do not like change. Beginnings are scary, and marriage is no exception. I am scared sometimes about whether we will have enough, love enough, work enough to survive life's expenses. I spend all day paying people's bills and wondering how we will ever make it in this world of overdraft and credit cards. Tonight I found these words from a good friend, who wrote them to me at the beginning of another journey, and I was humbled by my lack of faith:

"It is God to whom and with whom we travel, and while He is the end of our journey, He is also at every stopping place." -Elizabeth Elliot

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Matrimony, Sam!

Tomorrow afternoon, this crazy man (the *crazy* man, not the tomato-y man) shall be wed in holy matrimony to the beautiful Samantha Merrifield. (In case you're really out of the loop, that's me in the picture, not Samantha.) Yay! And I get to have a holiday for it!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a good week

Next week monday, my brother David comes home from South Korea. I haven't seen him in over a year! Tuesday, Kenny comes home from Japan. I haven't seen her for 7 1/2 months! (While I don't expect to see Kenny on Tuesday, she had better show herself before she leaves for the cottage for the weekend.... or she will find herself severely lacking in maid of honour positions...)