Wednesday, February 08, 2006


My dear Piglet is in England presently, being as talented as ever. She has a unique and phenomenal gift when it comes to both photography and photoshop, I highly suggest that you check out her blog if you get a chance.

While browsing her recent photos this morning, I came across this beautiful scene:

Instantly it grabbed my attention. Two years ago (less five days) I stood in the exact spot where Annie took the above picture. After scrolling through my archives I found this entry from February 3rd, 2004:

My favourite part of the day was standing on one of the older towers, looking out on the countryside, when the sun was shining behind the clouds. The grass looked both hunter-green and neon-green where the sun rays came down, the trees all looked like they came out of a fairy tale book, and I almost had to hang onto the railing to avoid being blown down the hill. The air was mild but it sprinkled rain every now and then, and it just felt so fresh and renewing.

Joel and I both snapped pictures of this moment, but his turned out much better than mine. Many of you will recognise this photo, it was quite a favourite.

Now check this out: I cropped Annie's picture slightly so that you might compare it with Joel's picture directly above:

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