Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wow. Only four blogs in one month. I haven't been that bad since I came back from England! Hmm. I sense a trend.
The truth is, as hard as it is to find time to blog when I'm busy running around, it's harder for me to sit down, collect my thoughts and be productive when I have nothing going on in my life. Sure, there's still many stories that I have left to tell from last semester, there's pictures from Christmas and New Years and since... But when I get to the point where I have no direction in any given day, no job to head to for over a month and a half, it's hard for me to get anything done. Productivity comes more fluently when I don't have to worry about all of those "what ifs" concerning jobs, careers and school.
So my life, as of late, has been comprised greatly of job research: what kind of environment do I see myself in, what kind of position would I enjoy, what kind of employment is actually out there? The job market isn't as fabulous here in Ontario as it is, say, in Alberta. But I'm not moving out there. I just got back here. I decided that I'm not going down to the bottom of the barrel yet though, I'm not going to be a new graduate working full time at a fast food restaraunt. Yet. I've had two interviews in the past week and I've been called back for a second interview at one of the places. We'll see what comes of that; they want to hire by the end of the week.
I miss Michelle. We do supposedly live in the same house, but she's been working so many hours lately and then the one night a week that she has off is usually the only night that I get to see Brian. She's a busy girl. And she had an absolutely amazing Pay it Forward-type experience yesterday. You should ask her about it, it's phenomenal. Yay for strangers!

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