Saturday, February 25, 2006

wow. Two weeks done already! I've never had a job in which time flew so quickly! My days have, while not always been terribly thrilling, at least been interesting and eventful. I have spent at least four full days completing graduation audits (I count up credits and requirements and make sure everything is kosher for those hoping to graduate in May), two days managing admissions files and printing letters, two days entering data into a database for transfer credits from "Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy", and the rest of the days having wisdom of my predecessor imparted upon me.
The test comes on March 8th when we open the doors for registration and program planning for the 2006-2007 school year. I'm excited to get to that point in registration where I can go through the process without stopping to look at an instruction sheet... but that's probably not going to be until halfway through the process. I'm realizing how unpopular the registrar's office is, though. Every student has a story of how they've been personally wronged by a registration advisor, and saying that they have "a" story is being generous. Most have at least two. Plus one or two horror stories of friends whose academic careers have been screwed up by the registrar. Huh. I know I had my own story in second year. Honestly though I can't remember what I was upset about. We're all looking for someone to blame, though. The student doesn't want to admit that they haven't pursued every option or looked thouroughly at the implications of the decision they made before they made it.... The registrars don't want to admit that sometimes they ill-advise the students.... I'm gonna say right off that I'm going to make mistakes. And if it's your file I botch, deep regrets, we'll work it out in a hurry. That's the problem with an institution that has such a high turn-over in this department-- you finally know what you're doing and you leave. New folks come in who have to learn the whole system (and it's huge) and botch things up until they learn what they're doing. Sigh. That's the problem with students, too-- you finally know what you're doing when it comes to registration, and then you leave... if only first and second years could know what third and fourth years know when it comes to registering for courses.
That's my saga for the day.

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