Monday, March 20, 2006

Come One, Come All!

Hey folks! So. If you're remotely interested in doing a Walk-a-thon for a good cause in beautiful spring weather, leave a message in the comment box with your email so I can send you an official Invite with a link to register. This particular walk-a-thon is for MS and there is no minimum amount of money that you have to raise, although if you raise a minimum of $100 you get a 'free' t-shirt! Yay! I believe that you can choose to walk 5km, 15km or 30km.
Here's the details.
The walk takes place on Sunday, April 23.
It starts at 9:30am.
It will take place in Burlington.
I can't tell you what time it will go to, because I don't know how far you're going to walk.
****Yes, it did say Sunday morning. No, you can't go to church that Sunday if you participate in the walk. I'm not going to give you permission to skip church to do this walk-a-thon, that's between you and God (and maybe your parents, who knows?)... I'm joining "Team Redeemer," headed up by the beautiful Melissa Debeer. The spouse of one of the ladies in our office has MS, so we thought it would be a cool thing to do. Come join us! It'll be fun. When's the last walk-a-thon that you did? Bet it was too long ago. So leave a comment, and I'll send you the Registration info! I will also definitely have a link on the blog soon so everyone can sponsor me! yay! Sponsoring!

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