Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz...

...but we all know (however much we deny it) that winter is not gone for good, for it is only March 11th and it's not really safe to assume that there'll be no more snow until at least May 1st...
Today, however, the weather was beautiful and I took full advantage of it. (Well, to be completely honest, I didn't take full advantage, but there was some advantage-taking going on today.) The morning started out bright and early, my alarm went off at 8:15am and like the good little choir-girl that I am, I got up, ate breakfast (not cereal, can't coat my throat wtih milk!), and hunkered down in my room with my computer and sheet music infront of me. By 10:30 I managed to mostly make my way through one (yes, that's 1) movement of the Bach Christ Lag piece. I grabbed my stuff and ran outside to my little car, only to be smacked in the face with an absolutely peaceful spring breeze... The sun was out, water was dripping from the eves of the neighbourhood houses, and it was a balmy 11 degrees in our front yard. At this point I would have much rather put down my choir folder and gone for a rollerblade, but since (a) my rollerblades were at Brian's house, (b) Dr T would've had my head for skipping out on practise and (c) I desperately needed this choir practise, I got in the car and met up with the dashing Brian at his house, made coffee for him and headed over to the rehersal (escorted by the afore-mentioned Brian). Dr T handed out a new Ave Verum piece, we rehashed previous material, and headed outside for a glorious ten minutes in the sun outside. (On a note of no signifigance, I did a double-take when an old man walked by dressed in olive-green dress pants and a trench coat of the same colour...for an unknown reason my first thought was "A Nazi soldier?!" Yeah, I don't know. I've never even seen a reall Nazi soldier.
After choir, a few folks came to Brian's place and we had a barbeque with chips and dip and potatoe salad and hamburgers and sausages and everything... good times. The weather was still stunning but at this point in the year it's still nicer from the inside looking out when you're not moving we ate inside.
But. After all was said and done and the dishes were done by some very capable boys, Brian and I headed out to Websters Falls, marvelled at the very dirty waterfalls, found a misprint on a gravestone, and generally got very muddy. So here we are. The end of a well-spent day. (I'm even on my third load of laundry.)
Bring on Spring! (and the snow storms that follow....)

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