Thursday, May 04, 2006

What? Winter? Did that happen this year?

Apparently it did... at least I have the pictures to prove it. The following shots come all the way from Mt Tremblant en Quebec. Brian, Nick, Laura and I spent a fantastic three days enjoying the snow, snowboarding and village found at Tremblant. Well ok, perhaps it wasn't all enjoyable (ie. chair lifts breaking down leaving us stranded on the north side of the mountain for an hour or two...) but a nearly-free pair of snowboarding goggles took the sting out of the mishaps.

Nick (closest) and Laura (bit farther) rushing past me on one of the steepest drops on the mountain.

Brian and his snowboard...

Me 'n' Phoebe taking a rest.

Aww, Brian's board and Phoebe. I only got to ride her four times before the snow ran away. Next year.

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