Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't think you understand

how much I miss my Kenny and how excited I am that she's coming back in 1 month and two days! (That's 33 days. Approx. 792 hours. 47,520 minutes.) I lived with her in second year (though we didn't hang out a whole lot) and then moved to BC with her for the summer, where we shared a room, a bed, and a workplace. Third year first semester was tough because I lived on campus and she lived with her brother, but we still had dates a few times a week. Second semester was torture - I moved to England for four months - the longest we'd been apart since September of second year. May 2004 was a happy time - we moved into the same room at the Sugar Shack, and spent a whole year together (and started dating the Brians!). After graduation she moved back in with her brother and I moved downtown, but we again shared a workplace. At the end of July, we took those horribly difficult steps through the security doors at Pearson International Airport and got on the plane to Japan. We lived four hours away, but saw eachother once or twice (a few times, three times!) a month. And then I punked out and moved back to Ontario. I left my dear kenny in Japan, and have been Kenny-less for the past six months. That's the longest that I've gone without seeing her since we became friends. It's hard.

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