Saturday, June 10, 2006

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Care for sum chikin? Just got home from a four day trip to the great state of Kentucky, the horse capital of the world. The town that we stayed in (if it can indeed be called a town) is Willmore (pronounced WIllMOre), located in Jessamine county (prounouce: JEHssaMINE CAHnty). As the president of the college said, it's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there! No one goes through Willmore unless there's something in Willmore that's pulling you there- and for most of the population of the town, (and those like us who come as foreigners) the only thing doing any pulling is Asbury College and Theological Seminary.
So why did Asbury draw us canadians? The annual NACAAP conference. (I'm still not sure what it stands for). Advancing enrollment in higher Christian Education-- ie/ a conference for Admissions Counsellors. There were some fabulous presentation sessions, and also some keen team building that went on after hours... hangin out at the local waaal-maart - we even had some drinks at John Michael's - belonging to Mr John Michael Montgomery of Country Music fame, who lives just a few short miles out of Nicholasville (what, you thought there'd be a walmart in Willmore? Not a chance). Nathan was really pulling hard for making a trip out to Elizabethtown but I voted against-- I could hardly stay awake during the movie, it bore no inspiration within me to visit the town.
Anyhow, we skipped out on a concert by Seven Day Slumber, relaxed to a live out door big band, slept on rock-hard matresses (I have a bruise on my hip) and bonded over Denny's breakfast. It was fun. (with the exception of the bruising part)

Back to the office on Monday. Sigh.

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