Friday, July 14, 2006

Curtain Call

Wow, I have no idea what was happening in my head last night, but the number of random people from different stages of my life that were in it was kinda freaky!

--Deborah Visser (Daughter of pastor of my belleville church, phenomenal pianist and directory of children's choir)
--Tim and Liz Day (Youth pastor from high school and his wife)
--Lasher Kids and Wiarda Kids that I babysat from gr 8-12
--Brent Smeenk (taught at my HS when I was in gr 12)
--Mai Ikenishi and Matsumoto Sensei (teachers at Yokoo Jr High in Japan)
--Many cousins
--My Brian
--Brother stephen and niece Nadine
--Regis Philman (no, I've never personally interacted with him, I don't know how he got there)
--there were a lot more, but the longer I'm awake and typing this, the less I can see their faces. It was pretty odd, at any rate.

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