Sunday, September 24, 2006


I've been remiss in my blogging duties - it's been almost three weeks since I've posted, and over a month since I've posted anything of substance. For that I'm sorry - things have been a little bit busy around here. For those of you who aren't aware (and for those of you who have forgotten), I'm getting married in 6 days! I think that's a pretty exciting event. I don't have cold feet (well, no colder than usual but they haven't even turned numb in the past four months that we've been engaged) and the only wedding things that have stressed me out have been the extra-curricular wedding stuff (such as stag and doe, paintballing etc) and, of course, the ever-present money situation (which wasn't helped by the failure of Brian's fuel pump on his car last week). Life goes on, however, as does time, and I got to go on the road for four days for work. First stop last Sunday and Monday was Peterborough (and Orono, where I spent the night with my sister and her husband, son, and our brother). I only did a few presentations in the schools there - the students are much more into the "grade 12" thing and not so much into the "preparing for their future" thing. After Peterborough I stopped in Norwood, Belleville, Brighton and Trenton - went out for dinner with my mom and stayed the night with her in Belleville. It was a fairly relaxing four days - I finished work every day by 1:30pm, the weather was beautiful and the trees were beginning to change colours. What a great time to drive around!
Shanna, Brian's sister, flew back to Ontario from BC yesterday to help with wedding preparations, so we picked her up at Pearson and went down to Sarnia for dinner and the evening. Things are going well, but I think this is going to be a busy week!

Here's some pictures of the past few months to fill you in on everything you might have missed by my neglegent blogging:

Evan Renkema goes swimming with Uncle Steve

Sam tackles RJ in the pool. Ten points for anyone that can guess who the hairy man in the background is.

Christy steals an abandoned golf cart at the Redeemer Foundation 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

Nadine and Reuben cuddle with Unca Dave when he returns from a year-long absence.

Kenny and Jenny are reunited after a 7-month separation.

Jenny, Michelle and Rebekah chill out for the afternoon on a boat on the Grand.

Brian is in his element on a wakeboard.

Dan is afraid of a little fire.

Brian is off to follow in Bilbo and Frodo's footsteps.

Andy...gets naked in the water?

Kenny learns poker.

Dan and Mira are our first dinner guests at Mapleside.

Jenn says goodbye to Brian's cute shaggy hair.

Brian says "how you doin'" to his new (old) haircut.

We meet Nathan's leading lady, Tiffany.

Dan and Mira looking very much in love.

Sam and Sam are married! And what a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Friends are cool. Especially these guys.

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