Sunday, December 17, 2006

How a Rolling Pin and a Rubber Spatula Changed My Life

On my recent travels in the fall I found myself in the town of Cobourg, ON, for two days. On my first morning, I arrived at the first school at which I was to do a presentation for Redeemer. Guidance Counsellor: "Oh was that supposed to be today? We actually cancelled it last week because no one had signed up."

Great. Thanks for calling me a telling me not to bother showing up at 8:30am.

As it was, I had several hours to kill until my next school visit. As was my custom, I followed my directions from the first school to the second and then proceeded to explore the neighbourhoods. I found a fabulous walking path by the water, scouted out a place to eat lunch and then noticed a Liquidation World. Time was approaching for my second visit of the day, so I headed back to the school and waited 20 minutes for nobody to show up. So I went back to Liquidation World. My Liquidation World shopping habbits might seem a little strange to watch - I wander up and down, up and down, and up and down the aisles, picking up stationary, movies or kitchenware and carrying the items until I think better of it, realize that this isn't that fabulous of a price or think, "I don't actually need this", and then put them down again. Lather, rinse, repeat. And then I saw it - a rolling pin. I haven't had a rolling pin since I lived at home with my mom - and in the mean time, I've used tools from beer or wine bottles to cups, plum sauce and mustard. Only $2.99! I picked it up, carried it around with me for a while, picked up a bag of chocolates, put the chocolates down, walked around, picked up the bag of chocolates again and checked out.

This weekend was our Christmas Party. Three weeks ago we had our Housewarming Party. If you know me, you'll probably know that I love to bake for people - I don't get very inspired baking for myself, but if it's for other people I love it. As you can imagine, I did an awful lot of baking over this period of time and utilising my rolling pin - my teflon rolling pin - was the highlight of the baking!

The lowlight, of course, being my lack of Rubber Spatulas. A rubber spatula has never been something I think to get when I go out shopping, but we did register for some good ones - though never got them. And it's a little hard to spend wedding money on...spatulas. Two weeks ago on the weekend of Mary's wedding I spent some time at De's house with the girls - I was lamenting my lack of rubber spatulas to De and she pulled out a bright pink one and said, "Here Jenny, here's your Christmas Present!" Aww. That made me very happy, to be the owner of a rubber spatula - a hot pink rubber spatula. It made me so happy I forgot to take it with me when we left. No matter, Brian went to De's place in between the wedding and the reception and she gifted it to him! He was pleased and proud that he could bring home a spatula for me, something that he knows that I've been missing. And he left it at De's place, too.

My baking, therefore, consisted of using a lot of spoons to try and scrape the chocolate out of pans, to spread icing on cakes, to clean cookie dough out of the bowl, to spread the top layer on chewie chocolate squares. Spoons, forks and knives all do a very poor job when presented with these tasks. And I washed a lot of utensils. I still don't have a spatula. But given how happy a rolling pin has made me, I can only dream of the day when I'll be able to bake wtih a rubber spatula.

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