Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I know that winter isn't yet over and that there will be more snow, but I must say this while it is so lovely outside: the changing of seasons is so wonderful! In particular, Spring is starting to become my favourite season, now that I don't have the luxury of spending the winter daylight hours out in the snow - instead, I go to work when it's dark, I come home when it's dark, and it's just not as much fun when you don't have a yard to make a snowman in!

Spring, however, is just so different! Sure, it's soggy, but it's sunny! And there are smells in the air of wet earth, of plants growing and the sounds of running water and birds chirping are such a pleasant assault on my senses! In England I fell in love with the Daffodils, which should be springing up there about now (I hear it's about 15 degrees C there right now)... I'd have to say that they're still my favourite flower - I want to say that they're so cheerful but that seems like to much of a cliche, so I'll resist.

As kids, the first thaw was a sign to unlock the shed, shovel the snow around the door and drag out our bikes. We got frightfully dirty, of course, from the mud splattering up from the tires, but there's nothing like getting on a bike and racing off through the fields after a winter of walking around in the snow. Needless to say, the skipping ropes and sidewalk chalk also came out and made guest appearances inbetween the end of winter snowfalls, and the water rushing down the street from the melting snow made perfect streams in which to race paper boats.... And of course, the ditches full of water on the way home from the bus were just too tempting to ignore... and so we sloshed our way home, water up to our shins, boots occasionally getting sucked off of our feet by suctioning mud at the bottom... Spring is a wonderful time to be a child. ( I hope I never have children that are afraid of mud!)

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mom said...

I'm so glad that you have such good memories of winter and spring!