Saturday, June 30, 2007

Remembering: Craig VanderVeen

A message from Redeemer's President:

We are saddened by the tragic news of the death of Craig Vanderveen on
Thursday evening, June 28. While visiting his family in Manitoba, he and
his cousin were killed in a car accident while traveling to Winnipeg to
see their grandfather. Further details of the funeral and any contact
information will be provided when it becomes available. In the meantime,
please pray for the Lord's grace and comfort for family and friends,
particularly those in the Redeemer community who knew and worked with

With resurrection hope,
President Cooper

I think that there are very few people at Redeemer who had no chance to interact with Craig. I met Craig on the first day of his first year at Redeemer - I was the roommate of his cousin Hannah's RA. Craig (believe it or not) was a pretty shy guy for the first week of the semester - he certainly came into his own after that, but there was a time when it seemed as though it was painful for him to talk to people he didn't know! Drastically different from the Craig who served as Student Senate President and who was employed in the Administration offices over the summers. Craig was to graduate in December.

May God's peace that passes all understanding be with Craig's family and friends. Craig, you will be missed at Redeemer.

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