Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prayer Request Regarding Another Car Accident

A young woman who was intending on beginning her first year at Redeemer this coming Monday was in a very serious car accident last night. Please pray for her (Sarah) and her family as the doctors fight to keep her alive. Please also pray that her head trauma is not as severe as the doctors are currently suspecting.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I love Camping.

This past weekend while Kenny and Bun concluded their romantic Costa Rican honeymoon, Brian and I, along with the Speelmans' and the Wilms', went camping up at Bruce Peninsula National Park. It was pretty chilly. We didn't have any rain all weekend, which was awesome, but we did have an air mattress that refused to stay inflated, which was not awesome. We had a very cute camp guest (we can't decide if it was a chipmunk or a squirrel, it looked like neither and yet like both) who got irritated at us when we stopped paying attention - he scampered up onto a log (so that he would look more intimidating), got up onto his teeny-weeny hind legs, stuck his front paws up into the air and literally yelled at us. Yeah, it was amusing. The only picture I have of him is on the disposable camera so I can't post it. Too bad. He tried to come home with Mich and Jrod, as Brian was walking past their car while we were packing up on Sunday morning, he heard a loud "thump" as the rodent tried to dash out of the passenger side (closed) window. The rodent then proceeded to run around the interior of the car in tight, quick circles until he found the open window back and jumped out in to the forest.

Blogger won't let me upload the rest of my pictures right now. Check back here for an update today or tomorrow with more pictures.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

All in a year's work.

This has been a wedding year. Starting Waaay back on September 30th, 2006:

Moving on to December 5th, 2006:

May 12th, 2007:

August 11th, 2007:

And no picture from this, obviously, but I also have the honour of standing up for these wonderful folks on October 6th, 2007:

I should point out that these are only the weddings that I have been in.... they do not include all of the weddings that I have attended in the past year as a guest.