Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cool things

Yesterday, Brian and I had the distinct privilege of standing up for Mr and Mrs Dan and Mira Postma. What a beautiful wedding! Unfortunately as I was too busy enjoying myself I don't have any pictures of the happy couple to post, but here is one of the mother-of-the-bride helping her daughter get ready for the big moment. Aren't they beautiful?!
And now, after a long (very long) sleep, and after dropping off presents and picking up dresses and returning rented clothing, we get to veg for a little while... with the projector screen that we took home for Dan from the reception last night. This is what our dining room currently looks like:


Dave said...

Sweet Setup you have for the Wii! I'm jealous

Eric and Marya said...

That Wii bowling ball looks bigger then the real one.
Remember you promised to bring the projector for Christmas. Okay, you didn't promise, but it was a good suggestion.