Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is Izzy as she has looked for the past 3 weeks. Shaggy and really cute, but rather messy and tangled (and a little blind!).

I decided to trim her paws a little so she won't get so dirty when we're camping... and then the trimming just continued!

However, since the only way I can get her to stay still when I've got the scissors in my hand is to have her curled up on my lap, I could only trim the left side of her body. And then it was time for bed, so her right side is still a fluffy mess! But, doesn't she have a cute face?


Eric and Marya said...

Are Izzy's eyes always so spooky??


sarah. said...

That is like when I cut the kids hair. Once I start, I just keep going:) I have to do Judah's hair in three or four stages - as long as he lets me cut.