Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall is in the air

I would just like to say that the past few days have just been incredibly beautiful weather! The crisper, cooler air has me dreaming already of pot roasts and soups and cozy dinners with friends after walks in the leaves. I made Boerenkool tonight for the first time in about six months. That makes me happy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

***Make that 11 couples relatively close to me that are expecting.***

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh Baby.

10 people relatively close to me are expecting new babies within the next 8 months (from the beginning of September all the way into the middle or end of March). It's such an exciting time, but I'm not sure that I'm ready for that time to start yet. (Let's get this out in the open right at the beginning - I got a pup this year. That's enough of an addition for me for a while. So don't go jumping to conclusions about anything).
Our first annual group camping this year was great fun - relaxing around the fire, taking naps in the afternoon, staying up until all hours... I can't help but think about next year and what it will be like with all the babies - or even if they'll all decide to make the trip out to the campsite with their little ones...
Girls night is something I look forward to with anticipation each week - it's the reason why I see some (most) of my girls somewhat regularly, it's a great time to sit and chat about what everyone is up to, and it's generally a time to relax together and watch a movie or just have tea together. Last year conversation was mostly dominated by wedding planning. After the weddings were said and done, there was more time learn about everyone's jobs, plans for the next few years, joys and fears of marriage - it's been really cool, and I've really gotten to know a few of the girls a lot better. One by one, however, announcements have been made and the babyshower plans have started piling up. Pregnancy and its ups and downs is the topic of choice this year, and next year it will be diapers, spitup and baby milestones. And that's when the girls can make it out to hang out - turnout was often sparse as it was this year and there was only 1 baby involved.
I'm not ready to give up my girl time, and I'm not actually sure that I'm ready for babies to dominate every conversation (as I'm not thrilled to be talking about pregnancy all the time). Don't get me wrong - I'm super happy and thrilled and excited for all of the girls - it's fantastic! It's just a little depressing that it's the end of an era. Shopping trips to the mall will consist of strollers and baby seats with breaks for feedings and diaper changes. Conversation will begin and halt around the needs and moods of the babes. Gatherings will be dictated by nap times and bedtimes.
It took a long time to adjust to the change from being university students to being "grown-ups" with real jobs and marriages, but we all eventually settled into our new roles and redefined our positions in friendships. I have a feeling that this new phase will be even more difficult to adjust to. I'm almost sad that I don't want to head into the "baby phase" yet because I'm now one of the few married women in our group who is not expecting - it's sad to be left out! However, Brian and I have many exciting things that we want to do and see before we enter that phase - including but not limited to a) sleeping all night long and b) sleeping in on weekends. :)
Pregnant friends who are reading this - don't take offence. I love each one of you and I'm super excited about your little bundles! I'm just a little overwhelmed by the fact that you're all doing this at the same time, and I'm very sad that this era is ending.