Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When it rains, it floods.

This is our back yard. It's not large by small town standards but here in Hamilton, we're quite pleased with the amount of space that we have. The majority of our greenery is what might be considered "weeds", though there is some grass back there.

Our backyard has a little problem, though. When it rains, it floods. It doesn't have to rain a lot before the water pours out of the parkinglot behind our back fence, runs along the side of our yard and then settles in the middle of our yard. Not only does this mean that we can't use our backyard after it rains (unless we were looking to swim) but in order to cut the grass, we have to wait 7 or so days after the rain has stopped for the sun to come and dry up all the rain.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Found work from ENG303. Fall 2003.

I searched, and found that I'd lost all memory
of the times when you sat me on your knee
and sang silly love ballads to me.
I couldn't find those spots in time
when we played catch before my game
when we sat down for a game of 21 after dinner
or when you chased me around the house,
tickling me until I couldn't breathe
when you finally caught me.
They seem to have disappeared into time,
somewhere between being "yay tall" and 5'7".
I outgrew those afternoons
and you grew out of those memories.
I look at you, look in you, look through you
and still find no traces
of the memories that died,
the memories that haunt me.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An update...

We got an early anniversary present, so now I have a camera to catch up with what we've been doing lately...


In progress (we have to put the doors back on and find homes for a few things yet...):
And... a few more shots of our messy kitchen and the storage that we had to install:

And Brian's workspace - Before:

And after:
The front Entryway - not really really comparing shots, but this will show you what the walls at least used to look like. There was no shelving and the only coat rack was a rail of plastic hooks.
After (notice the lack of dark wood paneling)...
We also hope to put down some nice tile in the entry way here when we tile the floor infront of the fireplace in the late fall.

And...the bathroom closet - I didn't take any pics at all of the bathroom, so you'll just have to trust me that the closet had nothing in it - no bar, no shelves... it was just a wee little room. This is what Brian did with it: