Sunday, October 19, 2008

Because Apparently the Whole World is Not on Facebook...

Brian's project yesterday: Build two veggie gardens and level our porch area.
This is our future main veggie garden:

This porch needs to be leveled so it no longer slopes towards the house. The plan: remove all concrete slabs, level the porch with screenings, and lay a small path for us to walk from the side of the house to the back stairs. (The porch itself is a project for next spring.)

This is going to be our zucchini / squash / pumpkin garden. Since those plants have a habit of taking over the world, we're going to put them in a place where their growth can be constantly monitored and kept under control.

Hard at work. I don't know what they're doing, but I'm pretty sure they're working.

Marty looks so professional. He probably knows what he's doing.

Taken this morning: Our new veggie garden. Future home of many many cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, etc.

Our back porch: Not really finished. I think they're going to work on it again on Friday evening. (Check out the frost on the roof!)

Our zucchini / squash / pumpkin garden.

Izzy turned 4 years old on Wednesday. Marty was the only person who loved her enough to buy her a present.

That tall thing is the Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland. It's the scariest ride I've ever done in my life.

Or it was, at least, until I did this ride: The Xtreme Sky Flyer. It's a giant swing. People get clipped onto cables with hooks on their backs, and get pulled up to those posts at the far side. Those posts are 170 ft in the air.

That's Shanna and I. Hanging 170 ft in the air. Eeep. It still makes me dizzy just looking at the pictures.

This is our livingroom. It's actually functional now. Wow. Never thought I'd see the day!

This is Rachel at her surprise baby shower. I don't think she was too surprised.

As one of the shower activities, we decorated onsies so that Rach would have something to remember each of the shower participants. I got the idea from shower pictures that someone else had posted on Facebook.

Here are the newly decorated personalized onsies.

My gift for Rach. I was particularly proud of the slipper with the duck on it.

As most of you know, Brian and I have a very strict couch rule with Izzy - no couch unless she's in her doggy bed on the couch. Well, one evening Brian had pushed the doggy bed to the end of the couch (he was taking a nap). The next day, Izzy tried her darndest to get into that bed so she wouldn't be kicked off the couch:

This was my latest transformation (mid September):


Rhea said...

What a lot of pictures, Jenn! Your living room looks great! And your future garden/lawn/porch looks good. You put a lot of work into that. The black dirt looks like it should yield lots of veggies! Happy Birthday to Izzy. If I had known it was her birthday, I would have gotten her a gift's not that we don't love her, it's just that we don't know....
Thanks for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love your livingroom! It looks so cosy and comfortable.
Your backyard is looking great - I love raised garden beds. Nice to get that all done before Spring planting - which is a job of its own. With the price of vegetables, how good to have your own growing! We hope to plant a garden, too.
Your hair looks good, too. I don't know if I would have recognized you!

Have a good day.