Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Night's Entertainment

The Project:

The End Product:

The Verdict:

I won't make the matching slipper. While it's a cute design, the pattern is not very user friendly (perhaps it is more so for more advanced sewers), it is incredibly time consuming, and it involves sewing the sole on by hand (I loathe hand-sewing - that's probably why I never excelled at cross-stitch when growing up). Also, although this was a size 7 pattern, the slipper ended up just a few centimetres too short for my foot (even with using smaller - than - called - for seam allowances). My elasticized heel didn't work, either - rather than cinching the material, the elastic was pulled tight to the shape of the heel and made not a lick of difference.

The pattern called for quilting-quality cotton; I used flannel for the outside and a terry cloth weave. The sole called for felted wool - I just used a section of felt left over from Sunday School lessons.

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