Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome, little Nathan Ezekiel Ennema

Nathan Ezekiel Ennema was born last week at only 28.5 weeks. He weighed 3lb 3oz, and in spite of his early arrival, he is a pretty healthy little guy. Nathan is cousin to Joshua Peter Speelman, pictured below. Please keep Nathan, his parents, Rob and Karen, and his nurses in your prayers over the next weeks as Nathan grows and continues to develop into a little man.


Eric and Marya said...

Seeing a baby boy like the brings back memories .....

We'll definately pray for this child, the parents and the hands of those who are looking after this little guy.

sarah. said...

What a beautiful baby and wonderful name. We hope and pray that he will grow as best he can.

Thanks for sharing, Jenn.