Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is My Childhood

Today's Special

Join In!

Fred Penner

Sharon, Lois & Bram

Fraggle Rock


The Littlest Hobo

My Secret Identity

Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Under the Umbrella Tree

Mr Dressup

The Friendly Giant

The Polka Dot Door

Harriet's Magic Hats


Saturday Night at the Movies

A Different World

The Cosby Show

Full House

Who's the Boss?

The Wonder Years

Empty Nest

Murphy Brown


Eric and Marya said...

Did you spend your whole childhood watching T.V. shows??

sarah. said...

We will watch some of these when Judah wakes up! He loves watching videos on the computer sitting on my lap. We go back and watch all the Evan and Darren videos over and over again! Yay for new material!

JvO said...

Fun! Well, I hope you enjoy them. Apparently they're best viewed in Internet Explorer - in Firefox, I can only play the first 2 seconds of each clip.