Friday, December 12, 2008

Because it Made Me Cry.

Psalm 139
Alzheimer's Version

Listen, Dad,
God sees you, he knows what's happened,
he knows you.
He knows when you sit and when you sleep.
He knows your tangled thoughts; he knows them straight.
He knows when you're not here
and where you are when you're gone.
He knows your ways.
Before your words are lost before they get to your tongue,
he knows what you were about to say, what you meant.
He knows you.

There's nowhere you can go, Dad, where God won't go with you,
where God's Spirit won't comfort you, can't hold you.
As your light turns to night, even this darkness won't hide you.
God sees you clearly because because dark is light to him.
He'll go with you.
And he thinks of you, Dad,
The number of times, the many ways God cares for you,
if we tried to count them, would outnumber
sand on the beach.
So you can rest easy,
while I count.
I'm counting Mom's tears.
I'm counting the slights, the indignities, the affronts
to your pride.
I'm counting the frayed edges, the missing pieces of your
lost person.
But we'll get through this, Dad,
because when you awake - everyday and someday - you
will be with him.
And someday I too will awake with him, with you.

--Richard J. DeWaard

From the December 2008 Banner.


MOM said...

Jenn, I'm glad you posted that. I read that in the Banner too, and I thought it was very moving.

sarah. said...

Very Beautiful, Jenn. We haven't gotten our banner yet, but I am glad that I read it here first.

Eric and Marya said...


Anonymous said...

thats really powerful jenn. thanks for posting it.

beck f